Creating a new garden from a blank canvas or revitalising a tired and overgrown outdoor space is extremely exciting but could seem rather overwhelming and intimidating!  With a guiding hand from Kim and her team, your garden can be transformed into a beautiful and practical space that works for you.

The first stage is the initial consultation and site visit. During this meeting we will view the proposed area, talk in depth with you about your garden and what purpose you wish it to fulfill, taking into account your budget.

If you proceed in commissioning a design, we will re-visit your garden to carry out a detailed site survey. This will include, but not be limited to, photographing and measuring of the site, and the production of an initial site plan.

(Please note that if the garden is of significant size it may be necessary to arrange for a surveyor to complete the site survey. A level survey may also be required. There is an additional fee for this.)

Based upon our initial discussions and site survey we will then provide you with a concept plan. The plan will depict the general layout and shape of the garden and detail any focal points, features such as specimen plants, raised beds, screens, steps, decking, paving and planting areas.

Following a further meeting to discuss the concept plan, a final design masterplan will be provided.  This plan will detail the final outline of the garden, the materials and types of plants to be used.  The plan should enable your landscaper to set out and construct your new garden, as well providing sufficient information for the latter to provide you with an estimate of the construction costs.


Labour related services charged as follows (based on an hourly rate per person) Setting out of groundworks £40 Plant sourcing and selection £30 Garden maintenance £23.50


Should you require it, we will be pleased to provide a detailed planting plan. The planting plan will detail the name, number and position of plants required to complete the design. Included in the planting plan, will be a schedule of plants which lists all the plants required by name, size and quantity. This schedule can be used to calculate the cost of ordering the plants.

Should you require it, we can also supply and install the plants as per the planting plan. There will be an additional charge for this service and is dependent upon the time taken to source and plant the plants.

Additionally, We are also able to provide a maintenance programme. As per the above there is an additional charge for this service and is dependent upon the number of plant varieties and the time taken to complete.

Please be advised that, with the exception of the initial site plan, you will receive copies of all drawings undertaken. All drawings provided will be drawn to scale. The printing costs will be additional to the design fee of £40 per hour (an estimate will be provided to total amount.)


Once you have your beautiful new garden design, the next step is to turn the design into reality. Many garden designs involve landscaping work such as site clearance, changing ground levels, adding paths, decking, patios, walls, etc.

This work needs to be done before the planting and is undertaken by specialist garden landscaping contractors. You can choose to organise your own contractors or we can organise the contractor for you.

If you have ever had building work done and organised three quotes for the work, you will have some idea of how time-consuming this stage of the process can be!

We offer to contact various trusted and experienced contractors, visit the site with them and obtain three quotations which we will then check and review before sending on to you. Our objective is to find the most appropriate contractor for the project at the best price for you. We offer this service at a fixed price of £250.


Labour related services charged as follows (based on an hourly rate per person)

  • Setting out of groundworks £40
  • Plant sourcing and selection £30
  • Garden maintenance £23.50


Already have a lovely garden but want to add a wow factor?

Summer bedding of annuals and/or biannuals,Plants supplied and planted.

We can source and supply new containers to be planted up

Bulbs planted in autumn? for spring display, eg, daffodils, crocuses, tulips. Bulbs supplied and planted.

Container planting. Plants supplied and planted in customer’s own container.


The garden designer cannot guarantee the survival of the plants installed. Obviously when selecting plants for your garden, the designer will endeavor to choose those most suitable for the specific characteristics of your site. We also take the utmost care when planting to ensure they get the best start, but unfortunately sometimes, plants fail to thrive for no obvious reason. Should this happen, we will liaise with the supplier on a goodwill basis to attempt to obtain a replacement.

Time and transport costs incurred collecting the replacement from the nursery and planting it will be charged at the above-mentioned labour rate.

Payment for design and labour related activities and some materials supplied by the designer, such as bonemeal and tree ties, will be invoiced by the designer periodically. Payment for hard landscaping, tree felling etc. by a subcontractor will be invoiced by the sub contractor independently of the designer.

Payment for the supply and delivery of plants, as invoiced by GDS, is payable after delivery of the plants to your garden. However, when plants are sourced from smaller more specialist nurseries, then the client may be asked to pay in advance. All invoices issued from Garden Design Studio are payable within 14 days of receipt of invoice.